Celtic Language and Celtic Music

So this time I used my new phone rather than my dodgy GoPro Knockoff (affiliate Link) and it sounds alot better. I basically just spent a little shy of 10 min talking about Celtic languages, their relationship to popular celtic nations folk music, and the fact that I'm trying to learn Welsh and Irish via the Duolingo app. Its not as focused as I'd like owing to the fact that it was recorded during my daughters nap, still I don't think its bad. If you have a chance I'd highly reccomend the DuoLingo app, its handy. No I'm not tied to DuoLingo in any way, just like it... but if they wanted me to be I'd be cool with that :) Also not sponsored by ThiEye, and don't know why I would be since all I can say is that its OK for $60.


Written by Troy "Capheind" Truchon in Troy T YT on Mon 17 April 2017. Tags: Celtic, Language, Music, Irish, Welsh,