Music on the Tabletop

Music at the Gaming Table, where I dig into the topic of enhancing your Tabletop gaming experience with music. This is one of the first videos on my new channel dedicated to Roleplaying Games and Science Fiction, so if that is something your into please hit subscribe.

Battle Bards


Star Trek: Volume 1 - The Cage and Where No Man Has Gone Before (Affiliate)

Star Trek: Volume 2 - Doomsday Machine and Amok Time (Affiliate)

Star Trek: Volume 3 - Shore Leave and The Naked Time (Affiliate)

Eddie Brnabic

Guacamelee! Sound Track

Deadlands: Aces & Eights Soundtrack (Affiliate)

Deadlands Weird Wailin's Soundtrack (Affiliate)

Deadlands Noir Original Soundtrack (Affiliate)



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